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Help the poor in South America! For gods sake help them.

If you do, it would became a bigger new market after some time, than you ever could have dreamed of.

If you do not understand that, I do not know what to say!

Sorry, we are late, why? Big plans?!

Mariatorget och Thors fiske

Kungstradgården Magnolier

Green Park

Babylon 2023

Babylon 2023

Babylon 2023

Babylon 2023

Babylon 2023

The fact that JR and Hassan are worms, worms is a very basic creature. All since the beginning of life, we were dependent of the soil, without soil no life. Without plants no oxygen! Why they do not plant new plants in the vanishing amazonas I do not know.Well let's hope they change that. That us humans are worthy protectors
of our planet, forever.

I am Robert Naverstam of Stockholm Sweden.
I have been painting acrylics, water colours and drawing comics since 1985.
I had an arttherapy for more than 10 years. I try to  draw comics every day,  and paint at home in my hallway, which means that the light is dim  and the colours of the paintings become vivid and clear.

 My comics is mostly one page a day. I publish the comics at my website. I have two comics, drhalkan, and We or Babylon. I have drawn 
Babylon or We for 6 years now.

Sergels torg

Poppers and the Rainbow

South Cottages


Dr Halkan 2016

Kina Slott, Drottningholm!

Snowy winter 2012

Vällingby, my buddys surroundings!