From Vällingby, the suburb of my childhood


This is pictures from Vällingby, the suburb of my childhood.

This is Vällingby, the suburb of my childhood. I didn't know about anything else. Here I lived. Here I got hit. Here I got robbed. Apart from most childs, I had to live alone with my mother for my first years.

So did my best childhood friend also. Today he is a lawyer. He lives in another town than Stockholm, he had relatives closer than I had, and could thereby chose another life than me.

We hardly speak anything nowadays, I do not know why. We spoke two minutes yesterday, as I was planing to make changes to my site.

Vällingby was a model suburb. It was meant to be an A-B-C community. It was as from the swedish letter A- as for Arbete, that meant work. The letter B-, as for the word bostäder, that meant Housing. Then the last letter, C, that meant Centrum, or service.

We were usual kids, and we knew about nothing else. We played, we made small things that most kids did. We tried to make our lifes good. I have mostly pleasant memories from Vällingby.

Maybee I will try to write more about that later.

Thank you,

Robert Naverstam

Bosse-Robert 1967-1968

From Vällingby Torg- Galleria
One of the newer buildings

 From Vällingby Galleria

The subwaystation


the busstation


from Vällingby Torg
one of the building for the shops

Some Church in Vällingby

A church and an apartement building

From Vällingby Torg

Some of the shops


The first house where I lived
the house of My first living

From Vällingby Galleria

Some of the shops




From Vittangigatan

Near to my first living




the Vällingby Church
The St Thomas Church

My old kindergarten, seen from my former hight

My kindergarten


The Place of the former Parking house in Vällingby

Some of the new buildings



Some friend of mine lived here
The surroundings of my best friend



Some new companys in Vällingby

Some of he new shops

the former post office building, and some newer to the right

The old postoffice

From Vällingby torg
Some of the shops

Some place where we played

We played here

the Vällingby library
The library

This is the former famous Vällingehus
The Vallingehus restaurant

From Vallingby

The pathway to my kindergarten



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