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This is pictures from what we call "Katarina" in Stockholm.
The church, with it's characteristic silouette, is known
by most Stockholmers. I am also showing you pictures from
"Mosebacke", which
has a "pub", or "musicestablishment", there has many
artists from the neighbourhood played and singed. It might
be called  a "cultplace", and it is known by most Swedes.

Katarina church
Katarina church

the burialplace for Cornelius Wreesvijk
Cornelis Vreeswijk

Anna Lindh

Katarina Church from sea
Katarina Church from the sea

G Ekman Grav
G Ekman

Lars Wivallius grav
Lars Wivallius

Cup of coffee
My Cup of coffee

Mosebacke torg
Mosebacke Torg

Mosebacke torg 2
Mosebacke torg 2

Mosebacke torg 3
Mosebacke torg 3

Mosebacke torg 4
Mosebacke torg 4

Mosebacke fountain

Katarina kyrka
Katarina Kyrka

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