Swedish May Fires


Mayfire 1 2009

Mayfire 2 2009

mayfire 3
Mayfire 3 2009

Mayfire 4 2009

Swedish Mayfires

The tradition of us Swedes lighting fires on the last of April, to celebrate the upcoming spring, and to begin to think about the summer to come, and about the harvest and the good sunny weather of the summerseason, we all long for, that is something that all Swedes long for.

As it is, as we are small, many of us here, don't understand, that the rest of the world, or at least why all of Europe don't have our tradition, to
celebrate the coming of the spring in this way. Well, that is the way it is, the rest of our world, do not celebrate the spring, in our way. 

      Mayfire 5 2009

Mayfire 6 2009

Mayfire 7 2009

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